Contract Staffing

With the help of our contract staffing solution, we assist our clients in getting through the highs and lows during a project’s tenure by providing skilled and qualified professionals to fulfill the temporary requirement. We ensure that our client gains access to a highly skilled professional with good work experience so that it saves the organization valuable resources and time which would have otherwise been spent on training the candidate.

Permanent Recruitment

In an evolving business world, permanency is an aspect that most firms as well as job seekers aspire for. Our expertise in the field of permanent recruitment helps us understand the needs of the clients accordingly and provide the right fit for the organization. We help our clients all the way from the beginning – from sourcing, screening, and selection of candidate profiles to the follow-up and completion of joining formalities.


Our well-integrated Training Solutions help employees of a company develop across the learning curve in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Overall, Training helps employees gain confidence in the company and align themselves with the company’s goals and objectives.

We create engaging and effective Learning Programs and Learning Content which results in fast learning and good retention. Again, in a world of fast-changing regulations and rapid technological advancements, we ensure that employees are regularly updated. Also, we help ambitious employees scale up the Corporate ladder.


As a recruiting partner to our clients, our focus is to ensure that the hiring process is aligned to deliver the best for the success of the organization. Our experts at ‘The Ladder’ have designed a responsive recruitment solution that understands any client’s functional needs. Across various companies, we help in identifying and short-listing candidates who are believed to be the right fit for the role and possess the ability to deliver business results.

We take complete responsibility for every step of the recruitment process which begins with sourcing, identifying, and selection to the short-listing of candidates, interview, and induction formalities. Considering that we believe in building long-term partnerships with our clients, our services do not end with Recruitment alone as we also offer other HR related services as well, based on their business requirements.